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Top 10 Reasons Why 'Chrisley Knows Best'! Famous Quotes Todd Loves to Say to Chase, Savannah Revealed!


todd chrisley
(Photo : Twitter/ @chrisleychase) Todd Chrisley and son Chase promo #askchrisley

Todd Chrisley is arguably the most opinionated father currently on television. He tells his kids how things should be done, he does not allow them to talk back, and most importantly, he loves the heck out of them. For famous dad in the South, we took the liberty of listing the top 10 reasons why 'he knows best,' and added in a few quotes for your reading pleasure! Take a look:

1.    He reads his kids' text messages.

2.    He tracks them with a GPS in their cars

3.    He sent his son overseas on a Red Cross mission for eight months after he found out he was having an affair with a married woman.

4.    He makes sure his daughters look presentable before attending an event, especially his youngest daughter Savannah

5.    He pointed out that his boys were "thug wannabes" when they were caught smoking cigarettes.

6.    He insists on meeting their crushes

7.    He told his daughter to promise him she would not drop it like it's hot at her Sweet 16 party.

8.    He does not let being a wealthy man go to his head; he is from a small rural town and remembers what it was like before he hit it big.

9.    He has started his own fashion line, showing his children to always go after their dreams.

10. He tries to control everything!

Here are a few of Todd's famous quotes that we cannot forget from!

Regarding his children: "I don't wanna control stupid. Ignorance you can fix. Stupid is forever."

Regarding his daughter's shorts: "Smaller or larger, they still look like ASS."

In repsonse to one daughter asking that he be more like a "normal parent": "There's no normal in this house."

Regarding Savannah's Sweet 16 dress: "Class, not ass."

Regarding the dancing at Savannah's Sweet 16: "I'll make a deal with you. You don't drop it like it's hot, and I won't drop it like it's hot."

Scolding Chase, who got caught alone in his car with a girl: "You do that again and YOLO is gonna be a true statement. 'Cause you're only gonna live long enough to do it once."


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Mar 13, 2014 11:59 AM EDT


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