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Yo Yo Honey Singh New Song 2014: ‘High Heels’ Singer Shoots Promotional Song, Admits He’s Not Happy With Shahrukh Khan Collaboration ‘Lungi Dance?’


Yo Yo Honey Singh
(Photo : Facebook/Yo Yo Honey Singh) Yo Yo Honey Singh to collaborate with Salman Khan

Yo Yo Honey Singh has become one of the most popular artists in the Bollywood industry that actors and other artists love to partner up with for song collaborations. While the rapper works on a new project, he reveals that he apparently wasn’t happy with his work with Shahrukh Khan in “Lungi Dance.”

Singh’s last major hit, “Lungi Dance” became a rage across nightclubs in India, however, he’s still not satisfied with its success.

“I haven’t achieved even half of what I want to with music. My song ‘Lungi Dance’ had the potential to go global in a big way,” said Singh. “It could have become a rage just like Gangnam style but then the makers of the film (‘Chennai Express’) had a different plan for it. Finally, it did not shape up the way I had envisioned it. With what I had in mind, I wanted to show the goras that our music is not just Bollywood. There is more to our music.”

However, Singh expressed that he still struggles to expand his music abroad.

“I have come up the hard way and have had to face a lot of struggle abroad,” said Singh. “In foreign countries people have a very fixed notion about the kind of music that comes from India. They think we are capable of nothing else besides routine Bollywood stuff.”

In the mean time, the 29-year-old recently shot a promotional song “Partying” with the Bhootnath at Ayush Resort in Panvel along with Amitabh Bachchan. Singh is exited to have the opportunity to perform with Bachchan in “Bhootnath Returns” for the promotional track “Partying.”

Singh most recently worked with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar on a new dance number for their movie “Fugly.”

Kumar and Salman agreed to do the dance to the song because of their strong friendship with Ashvini Yardi who is co-producer of the film.

“Honey and Salman recently met at a celebrity cricket tournament. But it was not just a meet-and-greet session for the duo,” said a source. “They kept chatting for nearly half-an-hour and were discussing work. Honey is most probably going to collaborate with Salman to compose a song for one of his upcoming films.”

While the two met, the actor reportedly appeared to have been very interested in the conversation as he didn’t give much time to talk to others.

“While many people were approaching Salman for a quick chat, he was busy discussing Honey’s work,” added the source.

“Yes it’s true that they met,” confirmed Singh’s manager. “They were discussing about composing songs for an upcoming film. But I can’t reveal much.”


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Mar 12, 2014 05:41 PM EDT