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Sundy Carter BLASTS 'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 3 Co-Star Draya Michele 'Weak-Minded, Insecure and Manipulative'


Sundy Carter
(Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives LA) Sundy Carter's mean comments towards "Basketball Wives: LA" co-star Brandi Maxiell may have put her role on reality show in jeopardy.

Even though Sundy Carter is a newbie on "Basketball Wives: LA," she certainly has no reservations when it comes to her cast mates.

While it's been pretty obvious that Sundy doesn't particularly care for her co-star Draya Michele, the reality TV new girl recently chatted with S2S Magazine and definitely didn't hold her tongue as shared her opinions of her cast mates.

Though BBWLA is only three episodes deep into the season, Sundy has gotten pretty close with show veteran Jackie Christie. Sundy only had sweet words for her co-star and explained that she could trust Jackie with anything.

"Jackie has a big heart," Sundy said. "I know how loyal she is to me. I mean I've confided in her so many different ways, and it's never went anywhere. I feel like if Jackie wanted to throw me under the bus, she definitely has the ammunition because I tell her everything."

As for Brittish Williams, another new member to the show, Sundy couldn't help but to gush over her co-stars passionate personality and said though Brittish is the youngest member on BBWLA, she's wise beyond her years.

"Just me being in her company and watching how she works, I see the passion in her. I see the drive. I see how she runs her companies," she said. "I see that she has not just a five-year plan, but a 20-year plan."

When it comes to the Brandi Maxiel, another BBWLA newbie, Sundy said Brandi needed to learn how to think for herself, because she could possibly be missing out on some good friendship as she's so caught up in following the crowd.

"She doesn't know if she wants to be someone's friend or if she kind of wants to follow the crowd," Sundy explained. "You can still have friends outside of you other friends, but it's that you just are clueless."

"She just can't make up her own mind. She needs somebody to do it for her. She definitely needs guidance."

Although the new star hasn't spent much time with seasoned cast member Malaysia Pargo, Sundy is certain that Malaysia is far from the nice girl peacemaker everyone makes her out to be.

"I would say that she appears to be the peace maker when in all actuality she is definitely not," Sundy said. "I wouldn't say that she's an instigator. What I get from her is that in the event that there a verbal altercation or whatever, she always seems to have be the voice of reason when that's not really how you are."

As for Sundy's on and off camera enemy Draya, the mother of two labeled her as "weak-minded, insecure and manipulative," and went on to say that the Swim Mint designer had a long way to go before she could consider herself as mature.

"I feel like things have gone on with her, she doesn't own up to it. She tries to manipulate her way out of the situation and play the victim role," Sundy said. "She doesn't take responsibility is what I'm saying."

Even though Draya is very aware of her co-star's opinion of her, the BBWLA vet recently visited "The Arsenio Hall Show" where she revealed she was more appalled by Sundy's judgmental behavior when she never even tried to get to know her.

"What you have to understand is, we don't know these girls. Like real life we don't know these women. They have so much to say about us and it's overbearing because for these people to come and do television shows and do interviews and they just discuss us in a negative way, its shocking," Draya said.


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Mar 10, 2014 12:35 AM EDT