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Fashion Favorites of Artists Performing at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival



The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is underway and along with music, fashion is the next big thing on everyone's mind there. Let's take a look at some of the standouts who would be performing at the event over the next week and hear what their take is on Fashion:

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals: The leggy singer, Grace Potter has been known for her fringed, sparkly min-dresses inspired from the 60s. Here are her favorites.

Style icon: "My style icons growing up tended to be men, so it was Mick Jagger in the leotards, bell bottoms and suspenders and David Bowie - especially his outfits from the movie 'Labyrinth.' You can see influences of that in what I wear today. Some days I want to be Mick Jagger, some days I want to be Bianca Jagger, but either way there's definitely a lot of '70s influence running through what I like to wear."

Fashion influences: "As a kid, I was obsessed with fashion, and I basically worked with whatever was in the shed - my parents had all their old, crazy, '60s and '70s hippie clothes in trash bags in a shed by our house. Every couple of months, I'd dig into that and go through every article of clothing and invent crazy outfits."

Favorite brands: "Balenciaga is huge for me. I love Balmain, and Miu Miu has some fabulous shoes right now. Every once in a while I like to incorporate something a little more refined, like a piece from Prada or Lanvin. Lanvin moves really beautifully onstage and I love the textures they're using right now. I love Gucci, but a lot of times it doesn't fit me properly, so I have to get it specifically tailored. And Issa of London has some really amazing dresses, so when it does come time for me to wear a [full, floor-length] gown, there are a few things I'm impressed with. Isabel Marant makes some nice, nonfussy dresses and little chiffon floaty shirts, and ALC is killing it right now. I love their silk pieces because they're light enough for summer but they're this luscious, buttery silk."

Beats Antique:  The Oakland-based world fusion-electronic music troika Beats Antique mashes up genres including hip-hop, Afro-beat, Middle Eastern belly dance and jazz. The group consists of David Satori, Tommy Cappel and Zoe Jakes, the latter of whom accompanies the music with a unique blend of tribal fusion belly dance during each performance.

Style icons: "Everything I learned I learned from trannies," Jakes said. "Because they're brilliant and I love them and they have the best styling and makeup advice - the best makeup artists are always trannies - so pretty much all of my secrets come from them. I'm usually performing on a stage with an incredible amount of light so everything has to be really extreme and exaggerated, the heavy eyeliner and the really long false eyelashes."

Fashion influences: "The people who have shaped me as an artist are other tribal fusion belly dancers Rachel Brice and Katarina Burda. I was also into the whole vaudeville scene, which has really affected my aesthetic."

Favorite stores: "I use EBay a lot. Sometimes I'll find something I really like at a fabric store and just buy it and hold onto it until I have a concept. The only other place I really shop is All Saints. They've got a great aesthetic, and I really love their clothes."

Tommy Cappel: Beats Antique's  drummer, Tommy Cappel shared his personal thoughts on fashion and what works for him

Favorite Brand and Stores: "David [Satori] and I both get our outfits from a vast community of seamstresses and clothing designers. I wear stuff by a group called Steam Trunk [in San Francisco] and S&G [boutique] in L.A., and we have a group of artist friends that own a store in San Francisco called Five & Diamond."

Coachella wardrobe: "I've had it planned for weeks," Jakes said. "The costumes are going to need to come off and go on very quickly because of all the costume changes - I usually change costumes six to eight times in a show - so I need to get them on and off within two or three minutes tops. For Coachella, we'll be having guest dancer Auberon Shull joining us, and we've got some mermaid tails. I think there's a flamenco skirt in there somewhere. There will be my heavily beaded antique costumes made from old, old, turn-of-the-century Egyptian fabrics, and I always wear a lot of old tribal silver jewelry. There will also be some antlers in there somewhere, as well as some feather fans and a few masks."




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