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Malaysia Pargo Dissing 'Basketball Wives LA' Season 3 Newbies Sundy Carter and British Williams? References Cast Mates as Ignorant


Malaysia Pargo
(Photo : Instagram/Malaysia Pargo) Malaysia Pargo owns up to mean comments she made about "Basketball Wives: LA" co-star Jackie Christie.

Malaysia Pargo has always been considered the more relaxed, calm and mature of the "Basketball Wives LA" cast members. And though her role as the designated peacemaker in previous seasons just seemed to have happened natural, Malaysia says viewers shouldn't expect to see her giving into that role in season three of the show.

According to Malaysia, on this season of BBWLA, she will be spending less time aiming to solve other peoples problems and more time focusing on her family and the close friendships she's built with co-stars Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell. As far as the relationships with her seemingly rowdy new cast mates and veteran Jackie Christie, Malaysia says she's not concerned S2S Magazine reported.

"I never intended on being in the role of a peacemaker. That's just my nature. I like for us to all get along... If we get together, we're supposed to be having fun," Malaysia said in an interview with CelebrityGossip101 radio show. This season, you'll probably see a different side of me because I really don't want to hear it."

The tension on season three of the show is already brewing, especially between Malaysia's pals and two new faces, Brittish Williams and Sundy Carter. However Malaysia is intent on not getting to chummy with the newbies.

"The new girls are very entertaining," Malaysia said. "The things that come out of the their mouths, the drama that they bring is mind-blowing. You come to realize that people are that ignorant in the world. You will definitely be entertained."

However, viewers will be interested in seeing that Malaysia's relationship with Jackie is rather strained, even though the pair have been working together for the past three seasons, but Malaysia says there's good reason for their distance.

"Jackie is a different individual, she is," said Malaysia. "She's very special, I will say. I like to say she's colorful. She has different layers to her. You just kinda gotta know when to deal with her, how to deal with her and when to tell her to go to hell."

"I can only speak for Draya, Brandi and I. You'll see our businesses. You'll see our personal life as far as our families, our spouses and our kids. You'll see a softer side of us all," she said. "You get to see me at what I do best: being a mom and a wife."

As we previously reported, Malaysia recently compared the upcoming season to "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," during an interview.

"Season 3 is like 'Love & Hip Hop' without Stevie J," she said. "There's something in every corner. There's never a dull moment this season.

New cast members definitely open the door for a new attitudes and new alliances, and viewers are sure to be entertained by all the new flavor the new girls will bring to the show.

"You get a chance to see new relationships form every year with L.A," Malaysia said. "The ladies that are here now, bring a little spice... and a lot of get in your face."


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Feb 28, 2014 01:39 PM EST