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'Revenge' ABC Season 3 SPOILERS: Episode 14, 15 SNEAK PEEK Twitter PHOTOS, VIDEO Unveiled, Aiden and Emily Love Over Forever?


Emily and Aiden
(Photo : Facebook) WIll we see Emily and Aiden together anymore in the second half of "Revenge" season 3?

New photos from "Revenge" season 3 episode 14 and 15 on Twitter reveal just how focused we will be on Victoria and her past that comes back to haunt her as rumors emerge about Emily and Aiden never getting back together. 

From the promotional photos from episode 14, titled "Payback," we see Patrick and Victoria dealing with something that seems pretty stressful. We also see photos of Patrick's father Jimmy, whom Patrick set out for in the first half of "Revenge" season 3.

Then in episode 15, titled "Struggle," we see an up-close and personal look at Conrad Grayson's first wife Stevie, played by Gail O' Grady. We know that Victoria is NOT happy that she's back in the Hamptons, especially the shocking secrets that she is supposed to reveal, making things complicated for Victoria.

Even in the new promo, Victoria tells Stevie, "I will fight you until my last breath."

We also see a glimpse of Patrick and Nolan together...again. We wonder what's going to happen between these two.

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Check out all the photos from episode 14 HERE.

"Payback" is described:

"In-laws scheme and exes return as Emily becomes her own worst enemy."

"While Emily's mysterious blackouts threaten everything and everyone she holds dear, Victoria confronts two formidable ghosts from her past."

In other news, TV Line reported that Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden, has joined the cast of ABC's alien-themed pilot "The Visitors."

This sounds awesome, but it wouldn't be too much of a happy thing for Aiden and Emily fans.

An ABC insider revealed that Sloane's role in a possible fourth season of "Revenge" "is still being determined."

This goes along with recent rumors that Sloane could be leaving the popular TV series because "he's been given the green light to accept other projects."

Also, his character on the show is facing a lot of death-threatening problems, including Niko's revenge for her father's killer [whom she may have figured out what Aiden], and then losing Emily.

That really leaves him no one to turn to in the next few episodes, but you never know!

"Revenge" season 3 will return to ABC on Sunday, March 9 at the new time slot, 10 p.m. Watch the promo videos below!

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