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'Thor 3' Movie Plot Spoilers, Release Date in 2016? New Character the Enchantress May Start Love Triangle with Jane and Thor, Loki Speculation Continues


thor and jane thor 3
(Photo : Facebook) Will Thor have to deal with a love triangle with Jane and the Enchantress in "Thor 3?"

"Thor 3" is definitely in the works as new plot spoilers and speculation could lead to a shocking love triangle between Thor, Jane, and a new character. We also have release date rumors.

According to Entertainment Weekly's wishlist for the next "Thor" installment, the movie crew should bring in Amora the Enchantress, well known in the comics.

"I say turn Thor 3 into a [Chris] Hemsworth Chemistry showcase, with not one nor two but three leading ladies," writer Darren Franich said. "In the comics, Amora the Enchantress is a wild-card nemesis for the Asgardian, a powerful and seductive sorceress who can enslave a man just by kissing him. She's sort of Thor's Catwoman - sometimes a villain, sometimes a love interest. Let's throw her into the mix as a Loki lieutenant. Maybe, after a couple years of relative tranquility, Jane gets suspicious that Thor has returned to his old wild-child ways. At that precise moment, in comes the Enchantress, using all her powers of seduction to beguile our poor Thunder God. Then Sif shows up on Earth, trying to convince Thor that Odin has been acting strange."

Franich went on to say that there was already a hint of a love triangle coming up because Sif has a thing for Thor, but it seems his eyes are only for his early love interest Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

The EW writer also suggested that Margot Robbie should play the sexy Enchantress.

This definitely sounds interesting and will make things more complicated for Thor after Loki's menacing actions in "The Dark World." Remember he took the Odin's seat in the after credits. Fans were speculating if he killed Odin to take his father's place and to betray Thor once again. We will just have to wait and see!

Franich also said that it's likely "Thor 3" won't hit theaters until 2016 since "given what we know about Marvel's future plans and the general 2+ year turnaround between sequels."

Marvel announced in January that "Thor" and "Thor: The Dark World" writer Craig Kyle will reprise his writing role for the next installment, along with longtime collaborator Christopher Yost.

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