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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 SPOILERS: Daryl and Beth Romance Brewing? New SHOCKING Sneak Peek VIDEOS Hint Daryl Struggling, Baby Judith Alive [WATCH]


The Walking Dead Beth
(Photo : Facebook) New photo of Beth from episode 10 of "The Walking Dead" season 4 part 2. Do you think something will develop romantically between Daryl and Beth?

Where's Daryl? Is Baby Judith alive? These are just two of the burning questions that fans keep asking after seeing "The Walking Dead" season 4 part 2 premiere.

In episode 10, titled "Inmates," the separated prison group will be searching for "stability and safety" with many more obstacles on the way, according to

From the new spoilers, we can see that Daryl is definitely searching for stability and safety. Remember, he's in the woods with Beth, who unsurprisingly is still traumatized after the death of her father Hershel.

"We're really going to be seeing him struggling with whether he can maintain who he's become or is he going to revert back to who he was before," executive producer Robert Kirkman told TV Guide. "Sadly, it looks like Beth is going to be caught in the crossfire."

In a new sneak peek video, we see Daryl and Bath sitting in silence by a fire in the woods.

"We should do something. We aren't the only survivors," Beth continues while Daryl looks like he's in a daze. "We can't be. Rick, Michonne - they can be out here. Maggie and Glenn could have made it out of A Block."

She gets up and says they can try tracking them down, but when she sees he is not responding she storms off:

"Fine, if you won't check I will."

Check out all the video sneak peeks below.

Speaking of Beth and Daryl though, will there be a new romance on "TWD" season 4?

"It's a very unlikely duo," Norman Reedus told TV Guide. "They're getting to know each other on a different level, but not romantically. There are definitely lessons ­being taught in both directions."

That would be interesting!

In other news, a leaked promo from Fox Latin America reveals Tyreese holding baby Judith, which confirms that she didn't die. Check out the leaked video HERE. said it looks like Tyreese was able to save Judith before the walkers got to her. We know Rick and Carl will definitely be relieved.

Do you think Beth and Daryl make a cute couple and are you happy baby Judith is alive? Sound off below!

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Episode 10 airs on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 9/8c on AMC.


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