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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Dating in 2014 Again? Inside Bella's 'Secret' Plan to Win Edward Back, Rupert Sanders Delusional, 'Still in Love' After Cheating Scandal


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
(Photo : Reuters/Mario Anzuoni) Kristen Stewart has a "secret plan" to get back her ex-love Robert Pattinson while new rumors revealed that Rupert Sanders still wants to be with Stewart and is in love with her.

It looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still trying to make a relationship work, and it could happen if Stewart's "secret plan" works out while new reports reveal that Rupert Sanders is "still in love" with her after their 2012 cheating scandal.

According to Hollywood Life, the 23-year-old "On the Road" actress has a plan to win her ex-boyfriend back after he cancelled his plans to visit her in LA in January and instead went from New York to London.

"Kristen has been telling all of their mutual friends that she's over Rob and ready to move on but it's not true," a source said. "She knows it will get back to Rob, and it's all part of her plan to get him back."

"She's decided that she needs to start playing hard to get," the source added. "She's hoping that when Rob finds out she's talking about moving on that he'll step up to the plate."

The insider added that she realized she "needs to make some changes if she's ever going to get him back."

"She's stopped contacting him; she's letting him make all the moves," the insider added. "Her plan is to start ignoring him, although so far, she hasn't been able to go that far but that's her plan. She thinks that once Rob realizes she's not such a sure thing he'll start making her a priority again. Her friends all think it's the smart thing to do, that Rob will be more interested in her when he thinks he's lost her."

What will aggravate this whole plan though is the fact that Rupert Sanders still wants to be with Stewart after their affair in July 2012. Sanders' wife Liberty Ross ended up divorcing him and Pattinson, 27, broke up with Stewart.

"He fell in love with her a long time before he laid a finger on her, and he's finding it difficult to shake," a source told "They are still in contact, and incredibly, Rupert is still hoping for a future together. But Kristen has come to her senses and doesn't want to damage her image more."

"Rupert definitely lost more in this whole scandal. He's devastated they can't be together," the source said. "Rupert, against all better judgment, still holds out hope that he and Kristen can get things going again, but he's completely deluded - she would never put her career on the line like that again."

Yes, delusional he is.

Do you think Bella's plan will work to win Edward back? Sound off below!

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