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'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 3 Episode One [SPOILERS] Draya Snaps at Ariane After Being Confronted About an Ex-Boyfriend [WATCH]


Basketball Wives LA
(Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives LA) Basketball Wives: LA season 3 spoilers!

"Basketball Wives: LA" season three premiere is only days away and the cast members have already been dropping hints that this season will be filled with explosive drama!

The BWLA veterans have always had a knack for keeping up volatile attitudes and below-the-belt insults, so viewers can expect the commotion to be turned up even more now that a few new faces will be gracing the cameras.

According to S2S Magazine, BWLA vet Malaysia Pargo recently compared the upcoming season to "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," which could only mean three things - Drama! Drama! And more Drama!

"Season 3 is like 'Love & Hip Hop' without Stevie J," she said. "There's something in every corner. There's never a dull moment this season.

New cast members definitely open the door for a new attitudes and new alliances, and viewers are sure to be entertained by all the new flavor the new girls will bring to the show.

"You get a chance to see new relationships form every year with L.A," Malaysia said. "The ladies that are here now, bring a little spice... and a lot of get in your face."

And the BWLA newbies definitely are getting into their co-stars faces and business right off the bat!

In a Vh1 released sneak peek of the first episode of the show, Draya Michelle is almost immediately confronted by her new co-star, Ariane Davis, whose ex-boyfriend is also one of Draya's ex's.

The ladies have all gathered together for drinks in an attempt to get to know one another. To make sure everything goes smoothly between the old and new cast-mates, BWLA vet Jackie Christie suggests that everyone speaks one at a time.

"So we don't have any disrespect or any kind of confusion let's one person talk at a time," Jackie says. "You wanna know about Draya ask Draya. You wanna know about Brandi whatever."

"I feel like whatever I have to discuss with Draya like I'm [going to] discuss it on a later time," Ariane says.

Instantly Draya looks annoyed and is captured rolling her eyes.

"I actually met Draya before. Her and Deshawn had once had a fling," Ariane says to greenroom cameras.

"See I don't want you to feel like I'm attacking you," Ariane says as she turns to face Draya.

"You can't attack me," Draya responds. "You can't. So it doesn't matter. I would never feel like that, I don't ever feel like nobody's attacking me. I just feel like b**ches be in my business, but I don't feel like nobody's attacking me. I take it all the time."

"So you're calling me a b**ch in your business?" Ariane asks appearing to be somewhat offended.

"Whatever you're about to ask me, you 'bout to ask me some s**t that you 'bout to get in my business," Draya replies.

"It's not your business it's really my business."

"Okay well then you don't need to ask me about your business. I don't know about your business," Draya says.

"Well here's my problem," Ariane says. "You dealt with my ex, Deshawn. What was the deal?"

"I don't even know why you're questioning me about your ex. Like, it's kind of not your place," Draya states.

As the conversation continues, tension only rises between the ladies.

It's clear that these women are wasting no time getting on each other's bad side as Draya goes on to thoroughly put Ariane in her place.

Looks like Draya has already found her first frienemy in season three on BWLA! The question we're wondering though is why is Ariane so concerned about Draya's dealings with her ex when both of them have completely moved on and are in new relationships?

Check out the sneak peek of "Basketball Wives: LA" season three premiere and be sure to catch the full episode when it airs on Monday, Feb. 17 on Vh1!


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Feb 14, 2014 11:47 AM EST