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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Breakup: Lupus Not The Reason For Rehab, ‘Slow Down’ Singer Thanks Fans For The ‘Love’


Selena Gomez
(Photo : Instagram/selenagomez) Selena Gomez thanks her friends for the support during rehab

While some thought that Selena Gomez went to rehab for using drugs and alcohol as well as her recent lupus condition, other believed that it was because she was missing Justin Bieber and wanted to get over him. Well whatever the reason was, the “Slow Down” singer is grateful for all the love and support she has been receiving from her fans.

“I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability,” said Gomez in an Instagram photo. “Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me.”

The picture, which was taken six months ago according to TMZ, shows Gomez holding a glass of wine while on a boat.

There were reports that the singer went into rehab for alcohol, pot and Rx Ambien abuse for 14 days out of the 6-week program, however, left early to attend the Sundance Film Festival. She decided she didn’t need to return to treatment because she felt as though she was cured.

Gomez’s rep stated, “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” cutting out rumors that she was in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

“She needed to work on her emotional life,” said an insider according to WebPro News. “She needed to learn tools on how to deal with Justin (Bieber) and letting go of that relationship. This is the first time she’s ever taken time to deal with issues, to deal with herself, with a therapist.”

Could this be the real reason Gomez had to cancel many of her tour dates rather than claiming to having lupus?

In the March issue of Seventeen magazine, Gomez stated that she is doing a lot better and is glad she took the actions needed to get better.

“If you’re able to look at yourself in the mirror every day with the decisions that you make, that’s where power starts. And sometimes you’ll have moments where you feel weak, but they’re supposed to encourage you,” said Gomez. “They’re supposed to push you and motivate you. I feel like that’s something that I always try to do is look at myself in the mirror and really what I’ve done and every day what decision I wanna make.”


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Feb 13, 2014 03:49 PM EST