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Alicia DiMichele in 'Mob Wives: New Blood' Season 4 SPOILER: Eddie Provokes Alicia's Anger, Will the Couple Survive His 7 Year Jail Sentence?[WATCH]


Mob Wives: New Blood
(Photo : Facebook/Mob Wives) "Mob wives New Blood" spoilers.

Things aren't getting any easier for "Mob Wives: New Blood" cast member Alicia DiMichele. Her husband, Eddie Garofalo, has recently been sentenced to serve 7 years in prison while she's still waiting to find out her judgement in her own federal court case, and it's all taking quite the toll on the "Mob Wives" newbie.

In a Vh1 released clip of episode 11, Alicia and her two young sons are writing letters to Eddie when he suddenly gives them a call. The boys are thrilled to hear from their dad and are all smiles while chatting with him, but Alicia doesn't seem nearly as excited by his call as the conversation with her husband goes from sweet to sour within seconds.

"Eddie's been sentenced. He's got the best case scenario for what he was hoping for and he has closure now," Alicia tells greenroom cameras. "But my nightmare is just beginning and everyday I wake up sick to my stomach."

Though Alicia greets Eddie with kindness when first answering his call, their conversation takes a turn for the worse when Eddie accuses her of something.

"Listen, I'm not doing this right now. You made the choice, you, not me," she says. "That's not a mistake, it's not one mistake... Yours is a very big bed to lay in."

While it's unclear what exactly Eddie is saying to his wife during the phone call it's obviously not sitting well with Alicia, which causes her to completely blow up on him before hanging up the phone while her sons are watching.

"What don't you understand?" she shouts into the phone. "First of all... No... Nice try it's not gonna work... Forget it! Anything else you'd like to say?"

The boys look sad to see their mom getting so upset by their father's phone call, and though it seems like she intentionally hung up on Eddie, she assures the kids that he had to hang up because he was running out of minutes.

Eddie's sentencing would be tough for any wife to bear, but to be facing time in prison as well for her part in Eddie's crime is really effecting Alicia and it's starting to show in their relationship.

Will the couple be able to survive their current situation? Or is their marriage headed downhill?

Check out the sneak peak for episode 11 below and catch the full show on Thursday, Feb. 11 on Vh1!

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Feb 13, 2014 11:20 AM EST