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'Transformers 4' TRAILER Official Release Date Soon? New Optimus Prime Toy Revealed [PHOTOS] 'Age of Extinction' Plot Hints Grimlock in 2014 Super Bowl Footage


Transformers 4 Optimus Prime
(Photo : Facebook) The new Optimus Prime toy mimics the the "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" movie, releasing on June 27, 2014.

New "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" toys are keeping the fan anticipation high as see Optimus Prime in a new light, especially after the trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl 2014.

Hasbro released a new image of the First Edition Optimus Prime toy that coincides with the 2014 movie.

"Unsurprisingly it appears to be the result of some incredibly optimal lighting and/or photographic manipulation, much in the way Big Macs look better on TV than they do in real life," explained. "It's considerably intricate, with shiny, pointy bits aplenty."

It's 10-inches tall and transform from truck t to robot in 15 steps. Opitmus Prime comes complete with a Voltron-esque sword called The Sword of Judgment, and also the golden sunburst shield, called The Sentinel Shield. has a lot of exclusive pictures. Check them out HERE!

The new 30-second trailer debuted during the 2014 Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2, and most fans were there to see all the glory there was in the film, which stars Mark Wahlberg and directed by Michael Bay.

One interesting detail from the teaser footage is that Grimlock has definitely returned.

We see evidence of the very powerful autobot because he transforms into a form of a T-Rex, which is definitely in the trailer, and Optimus Prime is riding on his back.

Also in the footage, Entertainment Weekly pointed out that there's a two-headed robot dragon. It could be another dinobot, the pterodactyl Swoop, especially since he dives down to help [or attack?] Bumblebee.

Hopefully we get to see the official trailer very soon. The teaser is only making us anticipate more!

"Transformers 4" is described:

A mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons - and a paranoid government official - on them.

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" releases in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Read our latest "T4" news HERE! Watch the trailer below.


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