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Ian Somerhalder Twitter: Adorable PHOTOS of Damon and Dog Nietzsche's Puppies Cuddling on Instagram, 'A Little Family Reunion with My Babies'


Ian Somerhalder
(Photo : Instagram) Ian Somerhalder posted this cute photo of him playing with Nietzsche and his puppies at the dog park. The dogs really love him, just like his millions of fans!

Ian Somerhalder is never shy to post adorable photos of him doing things with his animals, and the latest pictures show him cuddling and playing with his cute pitbull clan on Instagram.

Two days ago, the 35-year-old "Vampire Diaries" star showed off how much fun he was having at the dog park with his favorite pitbull rescue dog Nietzsche and all her puppies [look above].

The caption read:

"Dog park Sunday-Taking a break with my babies,a little family reunion.Needed a breather from the insanity of securing financing for massive expansion of Go Green Mobile Power ( )that's happening right now in North Dakota! NOTHING can make you feel better than watching 3 sibling puppies bond with their mama... Thanks for taking this image @thejram !"

In another photo, Somerhalder said that he "couldn't help myself." He was pictured holding Nietzsche, saying that he cut her umbilical cord while giving birth. He also said that he played classical music on headphones over Nietzsche's belly for the puppies, and sometimes Jazz. Check out the picture below!

Nietzsche had the adorable puppies back in October.

This is definitely not the first time Somerhalder has shared his cuddly moments with his pets.

On Jan. 22, the handsome Damon actor tweeted some interesting news and photo from Instagram about what took place in his bed.

"Getting work done from bed. Umm... What's odd about this work day??? Boy he loves his dad," Somerhalder captioned the cuddly photo, which shows the his cat (named Moke) burying his face and whole body in Somerhalder's butt and legs.

Fans were googly eyed over the whole thing, leaving comments saying, "Oh my God! I want to be this cat!!!!!" and "So cute. Love you Ian."

We know that Somerhalder's fans are so loyal. When Nietzsche had her puppies, Somerhalder realized the dog's name was trending on Twitter.

"You all are amazing! Good luck Nietzsche is trending on twitter!?Thats SO fricking cool!She will be stoked," Somerhalder tweeted.

Fans are hoping to see a PDA photo of Somerhalder with ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev; we are too!

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