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'Need for Speed' Movie Teaser Makes 2014 Super Bowl Debut, Plot Revealed! The Next 'Fast and Furious' Franchise? [VIDEO] Will Toby Seek Revenge?


need for speed
(Photo : twitter/ @needforspeed) "Need for Speed" makes Super Bowl debut

The "Need for Speed" movie teaser from yesterday's Super Bowl has caused quite the chatter. The popular video game turned movie is reportedly being made in honor of 60's and 70's car flicks, with a little Steve McQueen 'coolness' added in.

According to Inside Movies, the synopsis plays out as follows:

"Toby, (Aaron Paul's character), is the center of the story. A street-racing, gear-head to the core, Toby keeps a low profile till a lifelong rival (Dominic Cooper) frames him for a crime that lands him in prison."

Toby is just a good guy - the everyman," Paul said of his character. "He comes out of prison focused on trying to right this wrong with revenge on his mind."

Parts two and three of the film shows major action. According to Paul, director Scott Waugh wanted his audience to feel like they are beside the actors in these cars.

"We use helmet cam shots so you feel like you're actually behind the wheel - that's one element that we took from the game," he said.

Locations, similar to the video game, play a major part in the movies movement.

"He's got to get from New York to California in 48 hours to compete in the race there," Waugh said. "It's a race to a race. He's got to sneak across the country without getting caught because he's on probation. He can't fly, he can't take trains."

A somewhat romantic element adds a little zest to the story line as well. A high-end sales agent, Julia (Imogen Poots), must accompany him on his cross-country adventure to ensure the car is safe before borrowing it.

Keeping in mind the "The King of Cool" persona, Waugh told Paul he is the next McQueen.

"The dudes love him and the women love him," Waugh said.

Paul, however, was hesitant to make the same comparison. He did admit, that despite his fondness for character parts, he enjoyed the departure. "I never thought of myself as being an action hero but it is a blast."

Do you think this will be the next "Fast and the Furious" franchise? What makes the film different? Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!


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Feb 03, 2014 05:06 PM EST