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'Revenge' ABC Spoilers: Did Conrad Force Sex with Emily? New Season 3, Episode 14 Details, PROMO VIDEO Hints Danger in Hamptons, Victoria Won't Let Up


(Photo : Facebook) Fans are itching to know what Conrad is up to with Emily in the next season 3 "Revenge" episode.

Fans continue to speculate what happened at the end of episode 13 of "Revenge" as season 3 heats up. More spoilers could reveal that Conrad is up to something really dangerous that could harm Emily after his son already did, and Victoria just won't let up in episode 14.

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Just recently in episode 13, titled "Hatred," we saw in the last bit that Daniel went straight to Emily, mad that she was able to make Daniel's mistress Sara leave the Grayson home. He pushed her down on the bed and said some harsh words, including, "Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe."

Emily must have blacked out from one of her weird dizzy spells, and we find her waking up in a room with crisp white curtains and linen, and to our surprise, Conrad Grayson coming out thanking her for the night before.

Check out the video footage below!

The Latin Times speculated"

"Conrad is kidding and will say so in the next episode, Conrad is going to pretend like something happened and blackmail Emily with incriminating (but false) evidence, or Conrad took advantage of a blacked-out Emily Thorne. "Revenge" is known for some dramatic story archs, but Conrad raping Emily seems too much even for this show. Our best bet: Conrad will have taken incriminating photographs and will try to use it against Emily. But, as we've seen before, Emily will somehow turn this to her advantage."

We also want to know what happened there, and it can't be anything good coming up.

But we know that Emily wants complete revenge on the Grayson family no matter what it takes.

With Victoria knowing way more than she should though about Emily, things will be harder though.

Back in December, "Revenge" showrunner Sunil Nayar told The Hollywood Reporter, It seems this photograph is sort of the catalyst that starts her on a journey to really have something on Emily. She's been looking for a piece of information. She doesn't have any idea she's Amanda Clarke, but she definitely knows this woman is not on the level and that some of her suspicions are actually correct. ... [Victoria] now has the power in the relationship, which she hasn't had obviously in the first half of the season."

Episode 14, titled "Payback," will air on Sunday, March 9 on ABC at the new time slot, 10 p.m.

Watch the episode 14 trailer below!

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