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Is Becky G the Next Big Thing? Disney Asks 'Play It Again' Singer 5 Juicy Questions! Loves Austin Mahone? [VIDEO]


becky g
(Photo : Twitter/ @iambeckyg) Becky G poses with cousin Emilio on set of her photo shoot.

Hip-hop singer Becky G is opening up in a new Disney radio interview!

The Los Angeles native has been named Radio Disney's N.B.T. (Next Big Thing) artist, and will be performing live at the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 27!

The station caught up with the budding star to ask her "five of the juiciest questions," reported Bop and Tiger Beat.

In the video, she reveals the details on her friendship with Austin Mahone, tips on how to steal her awesome style, and short clip of her singing!

The questions asked:

Where did the rest of your name go?

She said she is quote: "Saving it for when I'm an old lady!" She admitted that she does not want to go by Rebecca Marie Gomez. She said she felt the lengthy name was "too serious" and she wants to save the serious business for later.

What's your biggest style tip?

The singer said it is about feeling happy and confident in the way you dress, which can also be dependent on the day. She said that for her personally, it is about expressing who you are.

Give us your best Austin Mahone impression!

She laughed and said he seemed very chill and cool, and when she really got to know him he was a very funny guy. [Check out her impression on the video]

When asked to sing one of her songs, the Spanish hottie did not hold back and began to sing:

"Dj play my song on the radio, lift me up when I'm feeling low, drop the beat and play it again, play it again, yeahhh!"

What is something YOU think is the next big thing?

The singer excitedly said that she thinks cronuts are the next big thing! A cronut, for those of you who have never had it, are a hybrid between a croissant and a donut. She believes if you can go to a coffee shop and be able to get a bagel, the same should go for a cronut.

Although only 16 years old, the singer has already collaborated with artists like Cher Lloyd, Cody Simpson, Selena Gomez, and Pitbull.


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Jan 24, 2014 06:29 PM EST