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Kevin Jonas Baby Name, Due Date Soon, Wife Danielle Pregnant: Jonas Brother Member Reveals He’s in ‘Trouble’ Through Instagram PIC, Preparing For Daughter’s Arrival?


Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa
(Photo : Instagram/kevinJonas) Kevin Jonas and Danielle nine months pregnant

Despite being nervous for the arrival of their baby girl, Kevin and Danielle Jonas are so excited to have their first child together, however, is the former Jonas Brother admitting he’s in trouble for his daughter’s arrival already?

Kevin recently posted a photo on Instagram of him in a baby store full of clothes, toys and other necessities, hinting that he may be confused as to what to get for his daughter.

“Just walked into @sweetlullabynj I’m in trouble,” said Kevin in the picture.

Hoping to be fully prepared for the birth of their daughter, it looks like Kevin went ahead and bought plenty of items from the store, making Danielle think that he is already spoiling their baby girl.

Danielle previously posted an Instagram picture of all the baby clothes that her husband bought for their child since the due date is getting closer.

“@kevinjonas Daddy just came home with all this for baby girl,” said Danielle in the picture. “He has officially started to spoil her.”

Kevin bought his daughter a variety of pink outfits, hats and onesies with hearts and flowers on them.

Although the couple have chosen a name, they still have a lot of preparing to do before the baby arrives. Danielle admitted to Us Weekly that she is “getting nervous” because she still has to finish decorating the nursery after moving into a new home.

No matter how nervous the parents-to-be are, Jonas thinks that his wife will be an “incredible” mother.

“Since I met her, she was made out for this. She has something about her that was going to be able to take care of another person in the best way,” said Jonas. “She gives more to other people than she does for herself. I’m excited to see what they will be when it’s a baby.”

Danielle previously revealed she wanted to have four children, however, after being pregnant with her first child she changed her mind.

“I think we’re on three,” said Danielle.

Jonas jokingly added, “We haven’t hit the labor stage yet, so maybe after the labor we’re down to two!”

The couple talked about the “cute” name they picked for their daughter, however, they want to keep it a secret for now.

“We’re not telling anyone the now, but we have a name,” said Jonas.

“[The] middle name has a lot of meaning, but her first name is ... different enough but not totally out there. It’s cute,” said Danielle.

While Danielle is already nine months pregnant, Jonas revealed that him and his wife are expecting their baby to be born on Feb. 6, 2014.


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Jan 24, 2014 11:23 AM EST