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'Mob Wives: New Blood' Star Alicia DiMichele SLAMS Rumors She Lied to Judge, Reality Star's Sentencing for Embezzlement Charges Gets Postponed


Alicia DiMichele
(Photo : Twitter/Alicia Dimichele) Alicia DiMichele federal sentencing gets postponed. Reality star says she never lied to the judge about going to Vegas with the rest of the "Mob Wives" cast-members.

In the latest episode of "Mob Wives: New Blood," Alicia DiMichele was under a lot of speculation after her cast-mates read an article stating that she lied to her judge in order to attend the Las Vegas vacation with the rest of the ladies. 

According to WetPaint, DiMichele posted a poolside photo of herself and Drita D'Avanzo on Instagram back in September when the ladies were in Vegas and gossip reporters created a story that DiMichele was violating the $50,000 bond that was keeping her in the Tri-State area until her trial completed.

The story went on to say that DiMichele had the travel ban removed by asking the judge to let her leave town to take her son back to college in West Virginia when she really went to Vegas to party with her girlfriends.

However, DiMichele recently set the record straight and cleared up all rumors that she would jeopardize her freedom by lying to a judge just to go to Vegas with her friends.

"Obviously I posted the photo of me in Vegas... It's on my [Instagram] page geniuses! That was never the issue... The fake story about lying to the judge that was made up, leaked, or whatever you want to call it, was wrong. That's the point!" She tweeted.

Now the bigger question is who would set DiMichele up in such a vicious manner by leaking false information to the press? And how is this effecting her ongoing trial?

The reality star was supposed to receive her judgement on the embezzlement charges she faced on Jan. 13, but the judge postponed the verdict, leaving DiMichele to continue playing the waiting game.

DiMichele recently opened up about how frustrating her waiting process has been, Examiner reported.

"The judge postponed my sentencing because my restitution issue is not yet resolved. Therefore, she cannot sentence me until that part is settled. They think maybe some time in March I'll be sentenced, but they are not sure. I am beyond frustrated," she said.

As we previously reported, DiMichele is facing up to six months in prison and may be forced to pay back $96,000 fine and $20,000 on charges of embezzling union funds from the trucking company she formerly owned with her ex-mobster husband, Edward Garofalo Jr., also known as Too Tall.


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Jan 23, 2014 01:03 PM EST