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'Mob Wives: New Blood' Season 4 Episode 7 SPOILERS: Did Alicia Lie To Judge About Vegas Trip, Will Natalie and Renee Make Up? [VIDEO]


Mob Wives: New Blood
(Photo : Facebook/Mob Wives) Mob Wives episode 7 spoilers.

The crazy Las Vegas show is over for the ladies of "Mob Wives: New Blood," which is probably a good thing after Drita lost all her money, and Renee and Natalie endured one of their biggest fights ever. But don't think for one second that things have simmered down now that the girls are back in the comfort of their homes.

In a Vh1 released clip, things are off to a bad start for Alicia in episode 7 when Big Ang shows Drita a newspaper clip of Alicia partying in Vegas, proving that she lied to the judge. For Alicia to be facing federal charges, Big Ang and Drita know that the article could ultimately cause Alicia to be put behind bars for good.

"Supposedly Alicia told the judge she was going to see her son in college and went to Vegas with us," Big Ang explains to Drita over lunch.

"This is bad," Drita tells the greenroom cameras. "I knew my dream meant something horrible was gonna happen I just thought it would be to Alicia."

Drita looks completely baffled by the newspaper article and it's clear she's worried for her friend.

"You know when you're out on bail you can not just go anywhere you want, you have to ask the judge for permission, been there done that. And if you ever did go without asking and got caught you go directly to jail."

Later on in the episode, Natalie visits Big Ang and Alicia to discuss her diminishing relationship with Renee. Unfortunately for Natalie, she learns her issues with Renee may never get resolved after Big Ang and Drita are both adamant that Renee will never get over their Las Vegas fight.

"I just wanna apologize to you two because I didn't want what happened to affect anyone's trip," Natalie says.

"When she apologized to me she's like 'I'm so sorry' she's like 'I didn't mean for it,'" Natalie continued, "[but] there's more. I said 'what did you think that I was this little f**king girl, that you're gonna like talk to any way you felt like I was some girl that just walked in off the street, that you were gonna treat me like trash like I meant nothing,' and she goes 'I did look at you like that.'"

"For one, if I know Renee the way I know Renee, she can not let go of things. It's almost impossible," Drita says. "I told her get over it on a million things, it's not gonna happen, it's not her. It's not in her nature, she's never done it before, so you're no different."

Will things ever be resolved between Natalie and Renee? And will Alicia be thrown in jail for lying to the judge about her whereabouts?

Find out on the full episode 7 of "Mob Wives: New Blood" on Thursday, Jan. 16.

Catch the sneak peek clip below!

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Jan 16, 2014 03:58 PM EST