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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Part 2 SPOILERS: Carol and Daryl Kiss? SHOCKING Finale Twists, 'Very Intense, Boldest' 8 Episodes Ever, The Hunters Details Teased


The Walking Dead
(Photo : Facebook) Will Rick and Carl run into The Hunters in the season 4 finale?

Fans are waiting for more spoilers about "The Walking Dead" season 4 as new details emerge about Daryl and Carol kissing, Rick Grimes and his son Carl, and a "very intense" season.

There's no doubt that fans thought that Daryl and Carol would hook up soon, but E! Online gave fans hope when they reported that they found out that some of the hottest could-be couples on TV could share an epic first kiss.

Daryl and Carol were one of the possibilities, but just recently, the two were taken out of the running.

But that doesn't mean the two will not share any sort of connection in upcoming new episodes.

In other news, executive producer Robert Kirkman spilled some major spoilers about the season 4 finale.

"We started the season pretty hopeful and pretty optimistic," he said, according to TV Guide. "We'll open our last half of the season pretty bleak and we'll move them to something a little more hopeful by the end."

Then speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman revealed that the rest of season 4 is going to be "very intense."

Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln teased that the upcoming eight episodes are "the boldest, bravest and most exciting this show has ever attempted."

"Not only have these people lost Hershel, they lost the prison, but they also lost each other," Kirkman said. "They're out on their own, they're in different groups. There's going to be a lot going on with these different people as they try to survive in the next half of the season."

In other spoilers, Wetpaint reported that Rick's post-prison group could some point run into The Hunters, a group of cannibals featured in the comic books.

"In the books, there are five men (led by Chris) and one woman (named Theresa) in The Hunters. The AMC show only rarely follows the comics directly, but Season 4 showrunner Scott Gimple is a big fan of the original source material and The Powers That Be are not likely to ignore such a fascinating (if potentially horrific) potential plot point," Wetpaint said.

It was revealed that Anissa Matlock could be playing Theresa for the second half of season 4. On her IMDB page, the credit is even there for her as "Featured Terminan" on episode 16, which Wetpaint said would be the season finale.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. ET.

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