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'Love and Hip Hop New York' Season 4 Episode 10 SPOILERS: Tahiry vs Rashidah, Is Their Friendship Over? [WATCH]


Love and Hip Hop
(Photo : Love and Hip Hop/Facebook)

Insults fly left and right between Tahiry Jose and her best friend Rashidah Ali as season four of "Love and Hip Hop New York" continues with episode 10.

In the Vh1 sneak peek video tension may tear this friendship apart as Rashidah accuses Tahiry of being a bad friend for not taking time to see what she needs while she prepares for her wedding.

This comes after Tahiry visits Rashidah to talk bridesmaid dresses, but starts to vent about her ping pong relationship with her on-and-off-again boyfriend Joe Budden.

"How can you feel a way about him hitting on the body of another woman when you post your own body," Rashidah asks after Tahiry expresses her concerns about Joe's inappropriate behavior on Instagram.

"That's completely different. The urban model world is what I do. The pictures I post, that's my job. See Joey's not just posting butt body parts because he's posting the chicks he's supposedly dating or spending time with that's completely different," Tahiry says.

Things start to take a turn for the worse between the women when Rashidah asks, "But are you still doing the same thing at 30 plus years old that you did at 20 plus?"

Tahiry gets instantly offended and starts to defend her career, while Rashidah goes on to state that maybe its her lack of personal and career growth that's causing Joe to act out.

"It may not make sense to you but maybe he's doing it to get a reaction out of you," Rashidah says. "Because guess what, I see all the time you post pictures of your a** not in a tasteful sexy way."

Tahiry then gets up, deciding to leave the dress fitting, as Rashidah continues to get even more more cut-throat with her friend.

"You have attention issues, you have daddy issues and maybe you should pay attention to what I'm saying as a friend!" Rashidah yells. "I have a wedding and you haven't even taken five minutes to call your own friend and ask your friend do you nee help with anything!"

"Rashidah has some right to feel the way she does, but she could of picked up the phone and called me and tell me what she needed instead of talkin all this bulls**t," Tahiry says to the greenroom cameras.

Tahiry walks out of the house angrily and Rashidah yells out the door that Tahiry is no longer going to be in her wedding anymore.

Will the friends be able to reconcile before Rashidah's big day? Or have their hurtful words caused too much animosity for the friendship to ever be restored?

Catch the sneak peek of "Love and Hip Hop New York" episode 10 below. Be sure to catch the full episode on Monday, Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. on Vh1.


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Jan 11, 2014 02:33 PM EST