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'Transformers 4' TRAILER Release Rumors 2014: Will Unpopular Autobot Drift Appear in 'Age of Extinction?' New 'Sneak Peek' PHOTO Hints Spoilers, Dinobots to Join


transformers 4 optimus prime bumblebee
(Photo : Facebook) Drift may join Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

New details about "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" could tell us that an unpopular Autobot named Drift could appear in the 2015 movie.

According to, Popwars gave everyone a "sneak peek" of what looks to be SD style bobbleheads for Drift, Optmus Prime, and Bumblebee.


Could this mean that we will see Drift in "Transformers 4?" You never know.

But who is Drift anyway? said that Drift wasn't always an Autobot. He was first known as the Decepticon Deadlock. But he ditched his old ways after he stumbled across a lost faction of neutral Transformers long since forgotten. Then he "discarded his ruthless ways, abandoned his guns for swords, and changed his name and appearance."

He ended up being a bot of few words and disciplined action while fighting on the Transformers side of the war.

"Because of his brutal past, Drift isn't well-liked or trusted by a few of the Autobots," the website said. "In addition to the two swords kept in his hip scabbards, Drift carries a legendary Great Sword. An ancient weapon that predates modern civilization, the Great Sword draws upon the spark energy of its bearer, and as such must only be used in the most dire of circumstances."

Along with new characters, fans also hope to see Dinobots.

Back in September, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed in an interview with Beijing News that Dinobots will be in the film.

"I can not disclose the specifics, but you can be sure that the arrival of the Dinobots will give the audience a lot to be excited about," said di Bonaventura. "The world's coolest, most exciting cars will appear in the film, including Chinese vehicles, so whether you are a car enthusiast or not, it will be a feast for the eyes."

In other recent news, Michael Bay revealed that fans would get to see a new trailer at Super Bowl 2014.

Mark Wahlberg plays Cade Yeager, an inventor who discovers a buried Transformer and sets off all the explosive events that we are bound to see in the June 27, 2014 film. Nicola Peltz will play his teenage daughter Tessa, while Jack Reynor is playing her race-car driver boyfriend.

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