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7 Health Food Trends That Will Dominate 2014


Meat-free alternatives like tofu will be big in 2014
(Photo : Thinkstock) Meat-free alternatives like tofu will be big in 2014

This year we saw a lot of big health food trends. Kale, quinoa and chia and hemp seeds dominated. So what will be the kale of 2014? We've got a few ideas.

1. Green juices

It used to be that an apple a day would keep the doctor away. Now they are saying it is green juice. These concoctions are not just for cleanses anymore. According to Wellness & Good NYC, juice companies that are launching now will be making daily servings of green juice in bottles for people on the go and not just for those going on major bodily cleanses. 

2. Kombucha bars

This mysterious health drink is totally going mainstream this year. "Kombucha is a recreational drink, not a health remedy," says Rebecca Asmar, a naturopathic physician who practices at Bambu Clinic in Southwest Portland. But she says it can be beneficial to people with  allergies, including eczema, and it can be used to help people on detox diets.

3. Qookies

Leveraging the whole quinoa movement, now we have Qookies. Qookies. made with quinoa, are energy-rich cookies that are high in fiber with a nutty flavor. Who needs cronuts when you can have a cookie made out of quinoa? 

4. Gochujang spice

Say hello to your new favorite spice. A recent survey conducted by Sensient Flavors found that gochujang, a fermented Korean condiment, is going to be all the rage in 2014. Rhubarb, green coconut, and burnt calamansi are also expected to be big next year. 


Brussel Sprouts will be big in 2014.
Brussel Sprouts will be big in 2014.

5. Clean Eating

This is going to be one of the big eating trends of 2014. So what does that mean? The goal with clean eating is to eat your food in its most natural state. No processed foods. The focus of clean eating is not so much on calorie restriction, but just getting away from artificial chemicals, flavors and preservatives. 

6. Meat-free alternatives

This year will be all about the meat-free alternatives. New Mintel research shows that one of three Americans is eating meat alternatives like tofu and tempel, even though only 7% of consumers say they are vegetarian. The alternative food that could sweep the nation? Shrimp burgers. Get ready. 

7. Brussel Sprouts

Move over kale and say hello to brussel sprouts. According to Ippolito International LP, this little veggie has seen sales growth of up to 30% annually over the past four years.


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Dec 28, 2013 12:06 PM EST