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Shahrukh Khan vs Salman Khan Feud News 2013: Will SRK Move His New Movie Release Date Since ‘Jai Ho’ Actor Already Set His Film Public?


Shahrukh Khan
(Photo : REUTERS/Jimmy Jeong ) Shah Rukh Khan arrives for the inaugural Times of India Film Awards in Vancouver, British Columbia April 6, 2013.
Salman Khan
(Photo : REUTERS/Manav Manglani ) Salman Khan smiles during a promotional event of his movie "Veer"

When it comes to releasing Bollywood movies, dates are a big deal, especially around certain holidays. Shahrukh Khan previously released “Chennai Express” on Eid and is expected to release his next film “Happy new Year” on Diwali 2014. SRK wants to continue his luck with holiday releases, however, it looks like he has some competition with another Khan.

SRK and Salman Khan are allegedly set up for a box office clash about two years from now.

King Khan recently agreed to work on a new film next year titled “Raees,” and wanted to release the film on Eid 2015, however, Salman had already made his release date public for an untitled project on the religious holiday. Will SRK be forced to change his movie premiere?

According to Zee News, a source revealed that a member from SRK’s production house has reportedly confirmed with Salman’s manager, the release date of the “Dabangg” actor’s movie has been made public before SRK could announce his film.

“It is not fair on the part of the production house to enquire about date of Salman’s release and then go ahead and announce their own film. Whatever happened to the goodwill among film-makers?” said the source. “The competition is becoming too cut-throat and nobody seems to be bothered about others. if both the movies release on the same day, it will only harm each other’s market. Why is it becoming such a big ego issue, is beyond comprehension.”

Before SRK released “Chennai Express” on EId 2013, the “Dabangg” actor debuted his films such as “Ek Tha Tiger” the previous years on the special holiday. Shahrukh set an unbreakable record with his Eid release, however, Salman generally received high sales at the box office because of his loyal fans.

Neither Salman nor his director Kabir Khan are planning to change their release date for the film. Will this force SRK to change his date? Or will the two Khans battle it out at the box office to be crowned the Eid King?


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Dec 24, 2013 03:10 PM EST


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