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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 SPOILERS: Carl Grimes Taking Over Leadership in Part 2? Rick Grieving Potential Death of Baby Judith [TRAILER VIDEO]


"The Walking Dead" season 4 part 2 is still about two months away, but the anticipation is too much to bear as new spoilers emerge for Rick and Carl Grimes' relationship and who will be taking the lead in upcoming episodes.

According to TV Guide, Carl will take over the leadership role because his father Rick is grieving the potential loss of baby Judith and the prison from the mid-season finale that just happened. The two are on their own for a while.

"It's going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven't seen before," executive producer Scott Gimple said. "If it's just the two of them, [Carl is] going to have to step up quite a bit because circumstances are wildly different and a lot will depend on him in terms of them just surviving. They don't have an awesome, dual-layer fence and brick buildings to hide behind. They're out in the world."


Rick Grimes will be grieving over the potential loss of baby Judith.
Rick Grimes will be grieving over the potential loss of baby Judith.



Fans were concerned that baby Judith died in the recent mid-season finale. Her carrier was bloodied up on the battlefield, which hints that she died.

But said that fans saw Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, Chad L. Coleman, who plays Tyreese, and two twin babies [which are usually used to portray a single character] back on the set to film new episodes, which seems to indicate that the tweens, Judith, and Tyreese ended up linking up with Carol.

Speaking of Carol, book writer Robert Kirkman recently unveiled that Carol will definitely return before the end of the season.

We will just have to wait to see what happens when the second half of season 4 "The Walking Dead" starts with episode 9. It will air on Feb. 9 on AMC at 9 p.m.

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Watch the new "Walking Dead" trailer below!

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