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'Castle' Season 6 SPOILERS: What To Expect When ‘Castle’ Returns in 2014 – Beckett Meets Castle’s Dad, Ryan’s Baby Is Born, Beckett Finds A Wedding Dress


(Photo : Facebook/Castle)

“Castle” is off the air until January 2014, but we have even more spoilers about what to expect when “Castle” returns.

TV Guide has revealed three major plot points that are coming in the second half of Season 6: Beckett will meet Castle’s dad, Ryan’s baby will be born, and Beckett will find her wedding dress.

Beckett will meet Castle’s estranged father, CIA operative Rick Castle, but it will take her quite a while to learn who he is!

"That introduction comes later and is far more awkward," said Nathan Fillion (Rick Castle).

"[Beckett] has a big question about Jackson's true motives," said Stana Katic (Kate Beckett). "He's not all that he seems."

And it doesn’t sound good – Brolin said that fans will see a darker side to Jackson.

“I wanted viewers to find out how deadly he is," Brolin said. "He gets a thrill out of terminating people who deserve it. The thrill is there, with no feeling of remorse." Jackson "talks down to his son like he's 5 years old," Brolin added, "and is very attracted to Kate. That's the kind of a--hole he is."

Jackson Hunt will also meet Castle’s mom, Martha, for the first time since they made baby Castle.

We’ll also see Detective Kevin Ryan become a father – but he isn’t at the labor because he’s fighting for his life while trapped in a burning building with Esposito.

“Not only does it look as though Ryan may not be there to watch the birth of his child, he may not live to see the baby at all,” said Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan).

And things will progress in Castle and Beckett’s engagement as Beckett finds a wedding dress.

"Beckett's past comes back and brings the dress to her," said Katic.

"Beckett's looking at designers' spring lines," said show creator Andrew Marlowe. Trying on the dress "is an emotional moment for her because this is something she would have been doing with her [deceased] mother."

Marlowe also hinted that before Castle and Beckett walk down the aisle, Senator Bracken and the 3XK killer will complicate their wedding plans.

Do you think we'll see a Castle and Beckett wedding in Season 6? Tell us in the comments below.


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