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Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriend Madness: Josh Hutcherson Brooding Over Actress? Top Cute Moments Star Katniss and Peeta Giggling, Flirting, Talking Away in Interviews [VIDEO]


Katniss and Peeta
(Photo : Facebook) Katniss and Peeta are super close in real life.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson no doubt have major chemistry and are super close playing Katniss and Peeta in "Hunger Games: Catching Fire," so it's a shame that the two aren't officially dating, but we can reminisce on their cute moments together.

The Huffington Post put together "6 Josh Hutcherson And Jennifer Lawrence BFF Moments That Were So Cute You Couldn't Stand It."

In one interview, Lawrence, 23, and Hutcherson, 21, just couldn't get enough of each other's jokes.

The Katniss actress said that her handsome costar was "by far the cutest kid that has ever happened" after she saw a photo of him when he was little.

In other "Catching Fire" interview, Lawrence had to clarify how many times the two kissed, but not off-screen, on-screen!

"We have kissed so many more times than that," Lawrence said, then clarifying, "IN THE MOVIE!"

Another time, Lawrence said about her and her costar, "We're such an old couple." Then Hutcherson said, "Yeah, we're like in "When Harry Met Sally," and then both of the stars started making accents.

A lot of fans saw the interview where Hutcherson made a strange impression of an "old man" while Lawrence talked about their relationship.

"He's an hundred year old man...he's my rock," Lawrence said. "He's so wise...and he chews straws."

In another interview, they even threatened fans together if they didn't go watch "Catching Fire."

In the cutest interview ever, Katniss and Peeta were playing a game hosted by Fandango, quizzing on how much they know each other.

"God, we are cute!" Lawrence quipped after Hutcherson got an answer of Doritos right.

"We know each other pretty well," Hutcherson said. Then Lawrence, who was clearly excited during the game, added, "Can we get any cuter!?" her costar said, "I don't think so" with a huge smile on his face.

The pair knew each other down to what favorite junk food they eat on set, favorite character in the movie, worse habit, one phone call if arrested, and favorite cartoon character. Then the two start bantering together at the end of the game [which Lawrence won of course].

Watch the full game interview below!

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