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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 SPOILERS: Who Dies? SHOCKING Major Character Deaths Unveiled, New Comic Book Details Hint Rick Grimes vs. Negan Showdown [VIDEO]


The Walking Dead
(Photo : Facebook) Who died during the prison showdown?

"The Walking Dead" season 4 fans are definitely still reeling after the death of a major character [spoilers ahead] in the mid-season finale, but a far worse villain may be coming on the horizon.


In the mid-season finale, titled "Too Far Gone," the epic battle between The Governor and Rick Grimes finally came. The Governor wants Rick and his crew to give up the Prison, but Rick doesn't want to and tries to get the Governor to change his mind, saying they could cohabit, but The Governor doesn't want to. He ends up brutally cutting off Hershel's head while his daughter Maggie and Beth look on. He also shoots Lilly's zombie daughter Meghan in the head.

Then, Michonne stabs The Governor in the chest and Lilly comes up behind her and shoots him in the head.

Rick Grimes vs The Governor: Rick won.
Rick Grimes vs The Governor: Rick won.

In the comic books, it was Tyreese that was killed by the Governor.

Fans definitely didn't want Hershel to die at all, but it looks like it might have been coming all along.

Fans will miss Hershel.
Fans will miss Hershel.

So what is next for the "Walking Dead" clan?

MTV News had some hunches from the comic books about what could happen in the highly anticipated second half of season 4.

One interesting guess is that Rick and company will meet up and will not have a clear destination in mind on where to go next after the Prison. Rumors are that they could end up at Hershel's Farm.

"It makes a certain amount of sense, as Maggie and Beth may want to go home after their father was so cruelly executed. And sadly, it may tie into a storyline from the books that finds Maggie trying to commit suicide," MTV said. "Rumors also state that while at The Farm we'll meet new characters Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita, which will lead to ..." MTV then furthers says that it may lead to the Capitol, Washington, D.C., also revealing that they know how to stop the zombie plague, making "a shocking, terrifying way to leave us at the end of season four."

Whats more interesting is that Rick could run into a man more dangerous than The Governor: Negan. In the comics, Rick takes the group to the Alexandria Safe Zone, "a better version of Woodbury." They take control but run into trouble with Negan.

Back in August, there was more talk about Negan being introduced into the popular AMC show. Read about it HERE.

What do you think will happen after the mid-season finale? Sound off below!

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"The Walking Dead" returns with the rest of season 4 in Feb. 9, 2014.

Check out some spoilery videos below!


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