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Lana Del Rey Releases Second Full-Length ‘Tropico’ Trailer Featuring Jesus, Elvis, Allen Ginsberg, Strippers and Skeletons [VIDEO]


Lana Del Rey Tropico
(Photo : Twitter/Lana Del Rey)

Lana Del Rey has released the second full-length trailer for her upcoming short film, “Tropico.”

The new video shows a montage of characters including Jesus, Elvis, Del Rey dressed as the Virgin Mary and Eve in the Garden of Eden, skeletons and strippers as Del Rey reads a line from Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”: “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.”

Del Rey simply tweeted a link to the trailer on YouTube on November 29.

The newest trailer follows one other full-length trailer and two short teasers, all released earlier this month.

The first full-length trailer showed Del Rey and co-star Shaun Ross in seedy Los Angeles, with Del Rey dressed as a stripper in some scenes. Other scenes showed Del Rey with a snake and an apple, like Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The previous trailers showed Del Rey praying to John Wayne and Del Rey and Ross watching Jesus preach as Marilyn Monroe posed and Elvis danced behind him.

“Tropico” will be released on VEVO on December 5 and will feature songs from Del Rey’s “Paradise” EP: “Body Electric,” “Gods and Monsters” and “Bel Air.”

Here’s what else we know about “Tropico”:

- Images for the movie reveal that it stars Del Rey and Ross, was directed by Anthony Mandler, produced by Rick Rubin and “feature[es] the poetry of Walt Whitman.”

- The same promo images call the film “A tale of redemption” and show Del Rey and Ross dressed as
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (snake included), Del Rey dressed as the Virgin Mary and a photograph of Walt Whitman

- Aliens are involved somehow: Del Rey told Nylon that “Tropico” is “Elvis and Jesus and Marilyn and extraterrestrials all in one.”

- Del Rey and Ross were seen filming together over the summer, with paparazzi catching photos of the two on a vintage car. Del Rey wore several racy ensembles, including a red tassled bra and red ruffled panties with red sandals for one outfit, and a tiny tied top, white knee socks with sneakers, and unzipped denim shorts for another. She also showed off temporary tattoos including an image of a gun and the words “Trust no b*tch” on her midriff.

Watch the new trailer below.


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