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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 SPOILERS: The Death of Michonne vs. Rick Grimes? VIDEO Hints Hershel Speculation, The Governor Showdown 'Imminent' in Midseason Finale


The Walking Dead
(Photo : Facebook) Are you ready?

Fans are gearing up for the worst as a major character death will likely come in the season 4 midseason finale of "The Walking Dead." While it looks like it's Michonne vs. Hershel, it could be someone like Rick Grimes.

The midseason finale, episode 8 titled "Too Far Gone," is described:

"After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger."

Rick and his group are still recovering from that horrible flu outbreak, but we see from episode 7 that The Governor, who's new name is Brian, is back and ready to fight for the Prison.

The Governor is now a new leader at a new camp, protecting his new family Megan, her mother Lily and aunt Tara.


The Governor's new family.
The Governor's new family.



Access Hollywood describes the final scene in episode 7:

Hopping in an old pickup, Brian drives through the woods, parking his car in a familiar spot. He gets out and peers through a gate - the prison gate - at Rick and Carl Grimes, who are looking at vegetables in the garden. He leaves them and moves further through the woods. Peering through the trees, Brian spots Michonne and Hershel, raises his gun and aims.

This could hint that Brian will take a shot at Michonne and subsequently kill her. This definitely wouldn't go too well at all with die-hard fans of the popular AMC TV series.

One fan said, "I fear for Michonne and Hershel's safety in the next episode. Though I guess no one is really safe." Another pleaded, "Hope it isn't MAGGIE, RICK, MICHONNE, or GLENN."


Rick and Hershel in season 2 of
Rick and Hershel in season 2 of "The Walking Dead"



Another said, "Man if Hershel dies, it's going to suck hard. One of my favorite characters. Might even shed a tear over this fictional character I grew to really like. If Hershel dies, humanity is mostly lost."

Another fan speculated: "What if it is actually Michonne that the Governor kills instead of Herschel? I know it's a long shot but it seems a little too predictable that is gonna be Herschel. The producers may want to throw us a curve ball.. Just a thought."


Will we see the death of Michonne in the midseason 4 finale?
Will we see the death of Michonne in the midseason 4 finale?



There is also a 95 percent chance that there will also be an epic showdown between Rick and the Governor.

"Rick is a different guy from the season-three finale and season-four premiere," showrunner Scott Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter. "The Governor, from the beginning of [episode] 406 is very different guy. When these two guys meet, in some ways, they're meeting for the first time, and in some ways, it's a new story. The only way to achieve that is to tell a different story with those characters leading up to it."


Would you be upset of AMC killed off Rick Grimes?
Would you be upset of AMC killed off Rick Grimes?



Earler this year, rumors flew off the handle that AMC could kill off Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln.

"We've been saying that no one is safe on this show, and I wouldn't rule out seeing the death of Rick Grimes at almost any point," series creator Robert Kirkman revealed while talking to fans on an AMC blog.

Fans did not take to the shocking news lightly at all, some even threatening to stop watching the show if Rick is killed.

Episode 7 raised some other interesting questions, such as the Governor leaving Pete to turn zombie shackled at the bottom of a lake, and dead bodies labeled with words such as "rapist" and murderer" laying around the big cabin in the woods.

Who do you think will die in the midseason finale? Sound off below!

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