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Ian Somerhalder Hints Nina Dobrev Dating Again? 'Secretly' Hooking Up, New PHOTOS Reveal Damon and Elena Getting Back Together in After 2013 Break Up


Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev
(Photo : Facebook) Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev not getting back together ever?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are reportedly back together and dating again, and new photos hint that the rumors may be true.

According to E! Online, sources say that Dobrev, 24, and Somerhalder, 34, are hooking up in secret and back together.

"Insiders say that it's still too soon to tell if they'll make a full reconciliation, but the two are definitely getting hot and heavy once again," E! reported.

The "Delena" couple announced their split in the beginning of May this year after the couple was dating for three years, which the Daily Mail said friends believe it was because of the 10-year age gap between them and that Somerhalder was ready for marriage but Dobrev wasn't.

"There's no bad blood between them," a source said at the time of the split. "There was no other person involved or any big fight."

"This wasn't something out of the blue," the insider added.

But maybe the "Vampire Diaries" Elena actress has changed her mind and is ready to be serious with Somerhalder. And who doesn't want to be with the sexy Damon actor forever anyway? Fans certainly want to if they had the chance!

This "hooking up" news comes right after photos that show the ex couple embraced in a loving hug on the red carpet of the TVD 100th episode party in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, Nov. 9.


They even stood together for a group photo, which you can see HERE. speculated about the hug, saying:

Pals don't stop in the middle of a red carpet - especially when they're exes, in front of cameras - to share this kind of a moment. Looks like they couldn't wait until the party started to reconnect.

The website went on to say:

We haven't seen them get this close on other red carpets (including 2013 Comic-Con and the CW Upfronts, both of which happened after their split), so is this a sign that they could be getting back together? Ian is still single and Nina recently split with Derek Hough (who she never even confirmed she was dating), so it could happen.

So these photos could hint the couple getting back together very soon, if they aren't already.

Do you think Nian is back together like how their characters are on the show? Sound off below!

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