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Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar Fight? ‘Boss’ Actor Loses Brand Deal to ‘Chennai Express’ Star After ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’ Box Office Feud


Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan
(Photo : Twitter/@comedy_nights) Shahrukh Khan steals an endorsement deal from Akshay Kumar

Shahrukh Khan’s “Chennai Express” became one of the highest grossers of the Bollywood film industry so far, however, Akshay Kumar’s “One Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara” didn’t do as well at the box office. It looks like SRK is about to steal the spotlight from Kumar once again in a brand deal.

According to Bollywood Life, a popular biscuit brand initially thought of approaching Akshay Kumar to endorse their brand, however, after seeing the great success of “Chennai Express,” the brand manufacturers have given the offer to Khan. The brand is allegedly willing to pay SRK 50 percent more than his market value.

Kumar’s movie had only received average box office collections and blamed SRK for the failure of Ekta Kapoor’s biggest release of the year.

“Chennai Express” received over Rs. 100 million during the Eid weekend release, and OUATIMD only received average sales. Kapoor was upset about the unsuccessful movie, and even refused SRK’s request for a screening of her film at Mannat.

Kapoor had allegedly called dibs on Eid for the release of her movie, however, SRK announced that “Chennai Express” will release on August 8, forcing Kapoor to move her movie’s release to a later date.

After Kapoor tried negotiating with producers of “Chennai Express,” UTV Motion Pictures and Red Chillies Entertainment to move their date, she finally agreed to release her movie on India’s Independence Day.

A source close to Kapoor said that she was promised that, “Chennai Express” would be pulled from at least 2000 cinemas across the country on August 15 to give room for OUATIMD.

“Ekta relented because she was promised something in return. And the bait was the promise that, ‘Chennai Express’ wouldn’t come in the way of the big reelase she had planned for OUATIMD on Independence Day,” said the source. “But given that, ‘Chennai Express’ set the cash registers ringing, the film’s producers decided that making way for OUATIMD will not be profitable. When Ekta learnt about it early last week, she was left fuming. TOI has it that Shobha Kapoor called up UTV to enquire about the apparent volte face and was told that, ‘it was SRK’s decision.’”

Someone else tired stepping in to settle the argument by reaching out to SRK.

“While most of his calls went unanswered, finally an unrecognizable person picked up to say, ‘Shah Rukh Khan sir is busy with interviews,’” said the source.

Unfortunately, Akshay Kumar’s movie opened up on just 16,000 screens, which is a limited release for a movie.

“If UTV had lived up to its promise, OUATIMD could have ranked in about Rs. 10 million more on its opening day which in turn might have had a Domino effect on its subsequent collections. To add to Balaji’s woes the halls they were given were small ones which in turn must have had an adverse effect on their opening day collection,” said a source to Times of India.

“Whatever happened is extremely disgusting. I am very angry,” said Kapoor.

A source from SRK’s production said, “‘Chennai Express’ released on August 9 and it is illogical to expect that the film will be voluntarily pulled out from theaters in its first crucial week.”


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Oct 04, 2013 05:09 PM EDT