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'Criminal Minds' Season 9 SPOILERS: WIll Hotch Decide BAU Section Chief? Paget Brewster Returns, 200th Episode Hints SHOCKING JJ News? 'Flashback Heavy,' Premiere Recap [VIDEO]


Criminal Minds
(Photo : Facebook) "Criminal Minds" season 9 started off with a twist.

"Criminal Minds" season 9 new spoilers consist of Paget Brewster returning for the 200th episode, as well as episode 2 speculation.

Brewster will reprise her role as Emil Prentiss in season 9.

"Our 200th episode is going to be a special show," executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer said in a statement. "We can't imagine telling this story without Paget being present."

According to TV Guide, Brewster left "Criminal Minds" in the season 7 finale in May 2012 when Prentiss left the BAU for an Interpol job in London. She was a series regular for the CBS procedural.

TV Guide said that "the 200th episode will shed light on JJ's (A.J. Cook) year in the State Department during Season 6 and the case she worked on with new BAU section chief Matt Cruz (Esai Morales), who will make his debut in the fourth episode."

"[Episode] 200 is flashback-heavy, but with things fans who've watched all 199 will be happy with," Messer told last week. "Our goal is to reward everyone who's been with us for 200 episodes."

From the season 9 premiere, fans are now wondering how the BAU team without a Unit Chief would be.

We see Hotch working double-duty as Section Chief and then still having his Unit Chief responsibilities. It really is taking a toll on him, working day and night to fulfill his two roles. Hotch has to make a decision if he wants to leave his beloved team to take Strauss' position.

"While Hotch weighs his options, his friends ponder their future without Hotch as Unit Chief. Reid is heartbroken at the thought of Hotch leaving the team, but JJ understands that it would probably be easier on Hotch and Jack if Hotch had a desk job. Morgan wonders if he would be asked to take over Hotch's position once again and Rossi offers to find ways to ruin Hotch's chances at the Section Chief job, if Hotch so desires," Buddy TV described.


What do you think of the new UnSub?
What do you think of the new UnSub?



There was also a twist in the Arizona case. An UnSub, who rapes his victims and then shoots them in the heart and puts them in a prayer-like position, has a thing for the praying mantis, which inspires the way he commits his murders. His victims also are forced to consume human remains.

The team ends up catching the murderer, but then find out that the UnSub has an identical twin.

Episode 2, titled "The Inspired," will air on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Check out the preview video below!

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