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'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Part 2 SPOILERS: Season 6 Hints Deadly End of Walter White? COUNTDOWN to Series Finale, New PROMO, PHOTOS, 'It Gets Pretty Crazy'


Breaking Bad
(Photo : AMC) New photo from season 5/6 series finale.

The season 5 part 2 [or season 6] finale is here for "Breaking Bad," and we can't help but wonder what will happen to Walter White.

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"It gets very serene and calm from here on out,' show creator Vince Gilligan joked to E! News, according to Metro. "No, it gets pretty crazy.

"I mean, it's been crazy but it continues to be the roller coaster you've come to expect from the show," he said.

Gilligan also discussed whether he thought Walt was still a sympathetic character, given his trajectory over the last few series of "Breaking Bad."

"I personally find it hard to root for Walt myself these days. But people are still rooting for Walt, God bless them," he dished.

"If they're still digging Walt, that's great. I still find him fascinating," he added. "I find him a little harder to root for, but I wouldn't argue with anyone. However you feel about him is cool."


New photo from episode 16.
New photo from episode 16.



The last episode, episode 16, in the popular AMC TV show is titled "Felina."

Fans are trying to figure out if Walt will die in the finale.

"I think there's a good case for that, that maybe that's a fitful end. And yet what if the thing he wanted the most, which was the togetherness of his family - what if he lived and they didn't? Wouldn't that be a worse hell to be in? Or maybe he should die, I vacillate on this," Bryan Cranston said at a recent New York Times press event.

In July, Cranston told Zap2it that the ending is "very appropriate."

"It really is. You watch this -- there's no apologies," he said. "[Creator] Vince [Gilligan] was able to write to the ending that he wanted, and we're very pleased with that."

"It is an amazing ending. It is an amazing, amazing play-out," added RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr. "... I really want people to see it and have the same reaction that I had."

Check out the finale promo video below!

The "Breaking Bad" series finale airs on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c.


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