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Lindsay Lohan 2013: ‘The Canyons’ Star Dating Former NFL Player Matt Nordgren, 'He's a Great Influence on Her'


Lindsay Lohan and Matt Nordgren
(Photo : Instagram/lindsaylohan) Lindsay Lohan and her new boyfriend Matt Nordgren

After getting out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan seems to be getting her life back on track. She recently posted a photo on Instagram of her and her new boyfriend, Matt Nordgren. The former NFL player seems to be a good influence on “The Canyons” star as she continues her recovery.

Multiple sources confirmed to Us Magazine that the 27-year-old is dating the former NFL player and businessman.

“He’s a great influence on her, and her friends and family love him,” source said. “He’s older, a successful businessman, and he has been a great friend to her. He’s also a Christian and won’t drink around her. He’s trying to keep her sober and on the straight and narrow. He’s really good for her.”

Lohan and Nordgren’s romantic relationship formed after a seven-year-long friendship. The couple met through a mutual friend in Los Angeles.

“We’ve hung out,” said Nordgren to the New York Post, according to Us Magazine. “But I have been a friend trying to support her for many years now.”

“She’s completely sober for months now,” aded Nordgren. “She’s in a great place, she’s thinking clear and working hard and meeting with all the right people.”

Nordgren is also a former reality star on Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas.” The 30-year-old’s clean cut image provides a positive change from Lohan’s past lifestyle.

Lohan previously struggled with drug and alcohol abuse which eventually landed her in rehab for 16 months.

Not only is Lohan trying to stay sober at home, but in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, and her mom Dina’s house as well. However, it may be hard for Lohan to live a clean lifestyle while being around her mom due to her recent DUI.

Dina Lohan was previously arrested and charged with two counts of driving under the influence earlier this month.

Lohan’s mother, who lives in Merrick, New York, was arrested with a DUI charge after taking a breath test with a blood alcohol concentration of .20, twice the legal limit. During her arrest, Lohan claimed that she was injured, however emergency personnels found no injuries.

After being released to a sober third party, she was scheduled to appear in Nassau County 1st District Court on September 24 to answer to the charges. 

Lindsay Lohan previously checked into rehab for her drug and alcohol abuse and recently checked out after realizing she needed to change her ways.

Looks like Lohan's new boyfriend is that "Mr. Right" she needed to influence her as she recovers from her bad habits.


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Sep 24, 2013 03:33 PM EDT