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Serena Williams Boyfriend 2013: Dating Patrick Mouratoglou Temporarily? Rumors of Break Up Revealed, Facebook PHOTOS Hint Couple Still Together


Serena Williams
(Photo : Facebook) Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou broke up?

New rumors emerged that Serena Williams and boyfriend a.k.a coach Patrick Mouratoglou are now in splitsville.

According to, Williams, 31, "continues to have 'boy trouble'" because of her "great sporting personality" and of course being World No. 1 tennis champion in history.

The U.S. Open 2013 champion took to her blog to talk about her recent mold issue at her home.

"After a long few days of press and appearances, I was so excited to get home and finally SLEEP in my comfy bed. I pulled up to my house eager as ever to be home, but was dismayed by the news that a terrible mold problem had affected my side of the house," she wrote in a recent blog post on her website. 

"Three days later I think my kids and I are squatting in Venus' room! I was told that the mold problem will take 3 - 6 months to fix," Williams said. "Looks like Venus has 4 new roommates. I threw out the idea of bunk beds, but I don't think Vee was too fond of that suggestion."

However, it went unnoticed that Mouratoglou, 43, continued to put up photos of him and his rumored girlfriend on his Facebook blog page.

"Nice Pic with @serenawilliams at the 2012 US Open during a practice session," the page posted on Sept. 16.

Of course, most of the his other photos revolve around him at a Williams tennis game.

Rumors also swirled that Mouratoglou and Williams broke up recently because in a recent interview, the fan-favorite tennis player said that she doesn't mix business with pleasure.

While on "CBS This Morning," the No. 1 seed sidestepped a question about her reported boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with her coach.

"You don't mix business and pleasure," Williams said, after being asked about photos of her "canoodling" with Mouratoglou, 43. "I'm a firm believer in not mixing business and pleasure," she said, before bringing the conversation back to their professional relationship.

But Williams told USA Today in June following her latest French Open win: "We have this great communication. It's definitely a two-way street. I think coaches sometimes think it's always their way. And it's like, 'You do this because I say it.' Our dynamic is not like that at all. I think that's what makes him so good. He's open to me, and I'm open to him. It creates something special."

Time will tell if the two are really together or not.

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