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'NCIS LA' Season 5 Premiere SPOILERS: Kensi and Deeks Split? New PROMO Hints 'Don't Underestimate' Sam's Wife, Callen 'Goes Back to School' in Episode 6 [VIDEO]


(Photo : Facebook) New photo of Deeks and Sam from "NCIS: LA" season 5.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" season 5 premiere is almost here as new spoilers about Callen and Sam emerge, as well as Kensi and Deeks' relationship.

TV Line dished some spoilers:

We've watched the Season 5 premiere (airing Sept. 24), and most simply said: Do not underestimate Sam's wife. By any stretch. And on a semi-related note: motorcycle chase!

So, we can expect Sam's wife to probably do something heroic this season, or something like it.

Some things are going on with Callen also, especially in episode 6.

"Scouting E506 in Granada Hills today. Callen goes back to school. #staytuned," executive producer John Peter Kousakis tweeted last week.

Enstarz reported that fans can expect to see Callen taking a few lessons, but there's "no word on whether Callen will be undercover or if there is something the agent legitimately needs to learn," but it won't be for driving.

Then Kousakis tweeted on Sept. 12, "Good morning from #NCISLA! Tech scout today for E506, DePaul/Jaffe. Going to be a very good EP. W/many laughs. #staytuned."

Just a few days, we revealed some other spoilers about Callen.

"In particular, the traumatic events of the finale will linger with Deeks for much of the season, which may prevent him from building his kiss with Kensi into something more," TV Guide said. "Callen must also rectify his mistake with the Chameleon. In truth, everyone on the team is pretty shaken, which prompts a major development."

According to TV Guide, executive producer Shane Brennan said that the cliffhanger "will have the greatest consequence of any story we've told."

He also teased, "This season, someone will leave the team."

We hope it's not a popular character death or something shocking like that!

In terms of Kensi and Deeks, the new couple "will be split up as partners midseason. And when I say split up, they will really be split up," Brennan told XFinity. "And when you think we can't or won't do anything else, we have got in the back end of the season, a big fat juicy complication in their lives."

Enstarz had more spoilers in a nutshell:

Kousakis also announced that it will be ten straight weeks before the CBS drama takes a break for their mid-season hiatus. In those ten weeks, the investigative team will escape torture; come in contact with bombs, planes, fast cars, and trains; learn about Callen's mysterious past; and get a little counseling from operational psychologist Nate Getz (Peter Cambor).

Check out the latest "NCIS: LA" spoilers HERE.

"NCIS: LA" returns to CBS on Tuesday, Sept. 24.


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