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'NCIS LA' Season 5 Premiere SPOILERS: SHOCKING Character Death? Kensi and Deeks Split Up [NEW PHOTOS, VIDEO] 'Powerful, Big Surprise' Coming, CBS Takes to 'New Level'



Fans are in for a shocker in the "NCIS: Los Angeles" season 5 premiere as Kensi and Deeks, a.k.a. Densi, relationship take a new turn and a character will leave the show.

According to TV Guide, executive producer Shane Brennan said that the cliffhanger "will have the greatest consequence of any story we've told."

He also teased, "This season, someone will leave the team."


Callen in season 5.



We all know how much we wait character deaths, but it could be Deeks [Eric Christian Olsen], especially because he so beat up from being tortured by Sidorov [who wanted to know Sam's wife Michelle's identity] and his people in the season 4 finale.

"In particular, the traumatic events of the finale will linger with Deeks for much of the season, which may prevent him from building his kiss with Kensi into something more," TV Guide said. "Callen must also rectify his mistake with the Chameleon. In truth, everyone on the team is pretty shaken, which prompts a major development."

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Will Deeks be able to recover?
Will Deeks be able to recover?



We can see that Deeks was beaten up pretty bad in the photo, and from the new promo video we see how concerned Kensi was when she finally found Deeks.

TV Line described what to expect:

The question obviously isn't if Deeks and Sam get out alive, but how. Promising a "big surprise" in the premiere (which picks up right where we left off), show boss Shane Brennan says, "Just when we think they're about to be rescued, maybe they're not. It gets pretty brutal for the guys." As such, expect ramifications that "ripple very deeply into the season -- not just for them, but for their relationships with others" -- including, yes, Deeks/Kensi. "Their relationship goes to a new level, to a place that a lot of these shows don't go," Brennan hints. All told, NCIS: LA is looking at its most intricately planned season ever. From premiere to finale, "We know every turning point," Brennan notes, "and it really is quite powerful."

What will happen with Sam?
What will happen with Sam?



"Kensi and Deeks will be split up as partners midseason. And when I say split up, they will really be split up," Brennan told XFinity. "And when you think we can't or won't do anything else, we have got in the back end of the season, a big fat juicy complication in their lives."

We wonder what it is.

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"NCIS: LA" returns to CBS on Tuesday, Sept. 24.


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