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Taylor Lautner Dating 2013: Major PDA, Kissing New Girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos in Instagram Pic, New 'Tracers' Movie Sneak Peek VIDEO, PHOTOS


Taylor Lautner
(Photo : Instagram) We hope things are going well with Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos.

Fans are still wondering is Taylor Lautner is still dating "Tracers" costar Marie Avgeropoulos.

Remember back in August, we saw an adorable photo of the two holding hands in New York City. [SEE PIC]

But Lautner, 21, was spotted strolling through Los Angeles International Airport this week without his pretty girlfriend, so there's a little speculation that the two are not together anymore, but it's all too early to know.

"We hope that's who, what, and where Tay Tay is rushing back to," Perez Hilton said of Lautner getting back to Avgeropoulos.

Lautner posted a romantic photo of the two kissing on two off-road vehicles on Instagram.

Speaking of his new movie "Tracers," MTV was able to explore the set of the highly anticipated movie starring the "Twilight" star.

"The action difficulty is through-the-roof because most people think parkour is just, 'Oh, yeah. That's just running and jumping off of walls and buildings or something.' But they take it very seriously," Lautner said. "If a parkour artist heard you say that, they'd be very offended. I mean, it is an art form to them. It required a lot."

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In "Tracers," Lautner plays Cam, a "bike messenger in New York who becomes wanted by the mafia and escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger."

"This movie is a great mix [of acting and physicality]. I really wanted to do something that was different for me," Lautner added. "When I read 'Tracers,' it was unlike anything I had done before. It's a very character-driven movie. It's dramatic. My character's journey throughout the thing is really crazy. It's challenged me as an actor, but also the physical side as well. It's a really good combination."

Lautner also dished that he had to get a few new, temporary tattoos.

"I've gotten so used to them," Lautner said. "I don't know if I'd be able to do it - definitely not like this - in my life, but that's what I love about acting. You get to do things and get away things that you would never be able to."

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