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Kareena Kapoor Latest News: Pregnant PICTURES With Saif Ali Khan? ‘Satyagraha’ Actress Spotted with a Baby Bump


Kareena Kapoor Saif Ali Khan
(Photo : REUTERS/Dinuka Liyanawatte ) Saif Ali Khan arrives with actress Kareena Kapoor on the green carpet for the International Indian Film Academy

Kareena Kapoor was recently spotted around India with a baby bump. Don’t get too excited though, the “Satyagraha” actress was only sporting a fake pregnant belly while filming for a new movie.

According to India Today, the Bollywood actress was spotted with a baby bump for her upcoming film, “Gori tere Pyaar Mein” which also co-stars Imran Khan.

Many pictures have gone viral, showing Kapoor pleading two traffic wardens for help along with Khan.

Kapoor had previously played the role of a pregnant lady in Madhur Bhandarkar’s film, “Heroine.”

Seems like we won’t be seeing a real baby bump from Kareena Kapoor any time soon since she stated that having a child with Saif Ali Khan was not a priority and may not become a reality.

After being married for a year, Kapoor recently decided to make one change in her life. She added Khan to her name, changing it to Kareena Kapoor Khan. During the release of “Talaash,” her name showed up in the credits as Kareena Kapoor, however, in “Satyagraha” her name appeared as Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Many celebrities are cautious about changing their names, especially when their career is going well. 

While it is very common for actors to experiment with different names and spellings to create an identity, adding Khan to Kapoor’s name actually works well. According to Shraddha A Salla, a tarot card and numerologist, analyzed Kapoor’s new name, and believed that the change works well for her.

“Kareena is strongly ruled by Jupiter - the planet of growth and abundance, Jupiter supports creativity and entertainment, and makes one rise to his/her peak in this profession,” said Salla to Zee News. “Not only is Kareena’s birth and destiny number ruled by Jupiter, but also her name vibration. By adding Khan to her name, she is including the family name into her subconscious mind, which will work positively for her as she will always have the support and respect. With Saif, she has created an energy of total acceptance and bonding by taking his name.”

“New opportunities in film and other fields related to media will open up. Starting of a new venture like a production house is very likely,” said Salla. “Health wise, the energy might make her a bit emotional and lazy, but her nature of always bouncing back will solve the issue. She will become calm, mature and become more receptive to people around her.”


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Sep 03, 2013 03:49 PM EDT