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Mad Men Season 7 SPOILERS: Final Season To Begin Shooting In November; Christina Hendricks Talks Joan Holloway Spinoff Series, Red Carpet Fashion


Emmy-nominated actress Christina Hendricks has opened up about her role as Joan Holloway in “Mad Men,” revealing that filming will begin in November and joking about a potential spinoff series.

The St. Cloud Times writes that Hendricks, 38, opened up about the hit series before Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival.

Hendricks confirmed that “Mad Men” begins shooting again in November and added that she doesn’t know what she’ll do when it ends.

“It’s the end of the ’60s. So what do you think Joan would be like in the ’70s? You could make that up,” the interviewer said.

“Well, that’s what I’m going to do when the show wraps. I’m just going to stay at home and write little scenarios for Joan because I just miss her,” Hendricks answered.

“Make it a spinoff, like ‘Frasier,’” the interviewer suggested.

“Joan, the ’70s: A Memoir,” Hendricks said.

“Gosh, I would never guess what Joan would be doing,” she added.

“I think she would be doing more of the same, probably higher in the ranks at work, trying to be the best mother she could be, hopefully finding love. Hopefully.”

Hendricks isn’t the only “Mad Men” star who’s talked about doing a spinoff – Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted Chaough, joked that he’d like to see a spin-off show about Ted’s and Pete’s adventures in LA.

Hendricks also revealed that she loves fashion and dressing for the red carpet, but hates the criticism.

“It is such a treat to get to wear these beautiful clothes and work personally with designers and get to know them, and then there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of criticism, and you wish that you could sort of just wear whatever you wanted, but sometimes there are so many rules about it and expectations about it that you find you’re being very, very careful about things,” she said.

“I think it’s a shame that people can’t just sort of be as creative as they want to be.”


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