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'NCIS: LA' Spoilers Season 5, Episode 1: Kensi and Deeks Get Serious? Romantic Ignites Chemistry, 'Most Honest Conversation' Coming After Traumatic Torturing


(Photo : Facebook) What will happen with Kensi and Deeks on the season 5 premiere of "NCIS: LA?"

Fans are gearing up for season 5 of "NCIS: Los Angeles," and a lot of spoilers are coming from the relationship between Kensi and Deeks and the issues they're about to face.

TV Line dished some details on what's to come:

They're going to have a serious chat. Per Eric Christian Olsen, the Sept. 24 premiere features "the most honest conversation that Deeks and Kensi have ever had." Speaking of the opener, it "picks up exactly where we left off, continuous - [Deeks is] mid-torture, Kensi's in peril," Olsen reveals, adding that the episode ends on a cliffhanger. "I can't give it away, but even that is 'To be continued...'"

We know that Deeks is going to come out from being tortured, but he will have to deal with the traumatic after effects, which could effect Kensi and Deeks.

"This is the darkest and most honest and the most vulnerable and more heartbreaking episode for Deeks, but also for the other characters. The best scene that has ever been written for [Deeks and Sam] happens in the premiere," Olsen said during an earlier interview. "We've already filmed it, and [LL Cool J] is so good. And the most honest scene that Deeks and Kensi have ever had together happens in the premiere."

Kensi is still reeling from her hot kiss with Deeks in season 4.

"He fired something up in her," executive producer Shane Brennan told TV Guide.

"It's not just her partner she's saving; it's this guy she might have a future with!" Kensi actress Daniela Ruah said.

"There are changes in these relationships because of these catastrophic events," Olsen hinted. "Kensi and Deeks have one of the most heartbreaking scenes we've ever seen them do. It's one of the few times that Deeks is able to... says exactly what he means."

"NCIS: LA" recently celebrated its 100th episode, which is episode 504.

There are already spoilers about episode 503, titled "Omni."

"To all anticipating a small tease...Callen encounters a recurring nemesis in Ep.504-100! #NCISLA #morespoilstocome #staytuned #manythanks," executive producer John P. Kouskais tweeted on Thursday.

We could get a good look at Callen's past, as well as Deeks.

"GCallen spoiler...more family history revealed early in S5. More on all cast throughout S5. Stay tuned! Fun begins in 7wks! Tick Tock," Kouskais teased his fans in early August.

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"NCIS: LA" returns to CBS on Tuesday, Sept. 24.


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