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iPhone 5S, 6 Release Date September 2013? New Rumors, Features Hint Gray Color, A7 Faster Processor, Sept. 20 for iPhone 5C Confirmed? Apple Specs Revealed


iPhone 5
(Photo : Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon) The next-generation iPhone may come in a gray color.

Apple fans are highly anticipating the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 [or iPhone 5C] and new details emerged that it will be super fast with an A7 chip and there will be more colors, including gray.

According to the Daily Mail, Fox News TV anchor Clayton Morris tweeted that sources reveal the "new iPhone's A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than A6. I'm hearing it's very fast." The new iPhone refers to the 5S.

He also said: "I've heard there's a separate chip devoted to motion tracking. Should be an interesting camera upgrade."

9to5Mac reported that Apple is already "testing 64-bit A7 processors in its prototypes in its prototypes, which would give the phone much better performance per watt and let it handle animated graphics more smoothly."

"If the company can deliver a faster smartphone, it will once again put them on a level pegging with Samsung's popular high-end smartphones," the report added on.

According to CNET, not only will Apple release the iPhone 5S in the classic black and white, but it will come in champagne gold and a new gray or "graphite" color with black trim.


We are all expecting Apple to send out invitations for an iPhone 5S event on Sept. 10. Then they will release the new iOS 7 on Sept. 16, and the iPhone 5S and 5C release date will be Sept. 20. said that the iPhone 5S event is "all but confirmed after receiving a 'Yep' from Jim Dalrymple, who is well-known for confirming or denying Apple events ahead of invitations actually going out."

"Like the source, we predict the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is set for late September, likely on September 20th. Apple typically announces a new iPhone, takes pre-orders later that week and then starts selling the iPhone at the end of the next week. In this case, that is September 20th," Gottabemobile said. "This also matches up with an analyst estimate that claims Apple will need to announce and sell a new iPhone before the end of Apple Q4 2013, that ends on September 28th."


Rumors say that the new iPhone 5S may have a 12-megapixel sensor, up from the 8-megapixel version of the iPhone 5. It could be waterproof with a 4.8-inch Retina+ HD display with a 3D camera and fingerprint reader. In terms of storage, the next-generation smartphone will come with 128GB instead of the current 64GB. Also, the iPhone 5S may have an indoor mapping feature, NFC integrating with Passbook App for storing store cards, tickets and coupons integrating with NFC. It will have a smart bezel and may have a quad-core Apple A7, using ARM Cortex A15-based cores, or update A6. It may also have a price of $199, just like the current iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6 [now dubbed iPhone 5C] may have a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, NFC, and "possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+ 128GB storage." It could sport a 4.3-inch screen and feature a slo-mo camera and faster processor. It may also come in 6-8 colors, similar to the iPod Touch, and will be thinner and lighter than its previous version. 


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