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Reporter's Photo Aug 21, 2013 12:37 PM EDT

Eminem New Album 2013: Release Date Scheduled For Fall, When? Eminem Opens European Tour Concerts With New Song ‘Survival,’ New Single Coming Soon; Will He Play More New Music?

(Photo : REUTERS/Jumana El-Heloueh)

Fans were excited at the release of Eminem’s new song, “Survival,” last week, and the Detroit rapper has begun playing the song as an opener on his European tour.

Mstarz reports that Eminem has been opening European shows with the new hit and that fans have loved the new song. The European concerts seem like the perfect time to debut new music, however, so far Eminem has stuck to "Survival" and no others, preferring to stick to his old hits.

Eminem hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for his highly-anticipated new album, but he’s narrowed down the options.

Previously, he had said only that the album would be released sometime in 2013. Now, he’s revealed that the album will be released in the fall, reports.

No exact date or title for the album was revealed, however, Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg said that the album’s lead single is “coming soon.”

“Survival,” though it’s been released, is not technically a single. However, it will appear on the tracklist for the new album.

Eminem also opened up about the new song, which was released in a trailer for the new video game “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” the Guardian reports.

"The [new] song's about fighting back and it seems like it fits Ghosts perfectly," Eminem said. "I'm gonna be a big part of the [Call of Duty] game. My new song's in it, got a video dropping for it soon too."

Read more about “Survival” here and read more news about Eminem’s new album below.

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