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Aug 21, 2013 12:38 PM EDT

Guns N’ Roses New Song: Axl Rose, Tommy Stinson ‘Going Down’ Leaks, New Album in the Works?

Axl Rose
(Photo : Reuters) Guns N' Roses new song leaks

A new Guns N’ Roses song has recently leaked online, although many are not sure whether it’s an unreleased track, or part of a new album in the works. “Going Down” surfaced online on August 20, but was quickly taken down by the band’s record label.

According to MStarz, the leaked song may or may not be from a new album that is in the works. However, the band is apparently distancing themselves from the disappointing post-50 rock of “Chinese Democracy.”

The publication describes the track as “the last 20 years of rock music, all in one song.” The beginning of the song reminds listeners of their previous hit, “November Rain” while Axl Rose surprises fans with some late-stage Avenged Sevenfold vocals.

The track then turns into a Weezer tribute, with strumming guitars, slightly distorted vox and pop sensibility.

Guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal did confirm on Twitter that the song was definitely a Guns N’ Roses song. Unfortunately the tweet was deleted from Thal’s feed only adding the mysterious nature of the previously unreleased song.

Seems like other celebrities are also trying to bring back Guns N’ Roses’ music. Carrie Underwood recently performed a cover song, “Paradise City,” at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Some fans thought she did a good job singing Axl Rose’s song while others thought it would be best to just leave it to Rose to sing the song.

Underwood certainly has the vocal ability to pull off the song, but fans thought it was strange to see her doing her best Axl Rose impression.

The CMA Music Festival was aired on ABC when Underwood performed the song at the star-studded event. She kicked off with an explosive cover of the Guns N' Roses song.

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